Mediation is a consensual process that depends on the parties having an open mind and a willingness to listen and be persuaded. A skilled mediator can be crucial to a successful resolution.

I am experienced with mediation from the perspective of both the mediator and the parties. I have represented numerous parties in mediations and know the mindsets they bring to the process, their strategies and their concerns. I have also served successfully as the mediator in many complex engineering and construction disputes.

I know what works and what does not.

My approach as mediator is proactive. I believe parties need skillful and experienced encouragement to put aside their partisan emotions in order to assess their self-interest realistically. In confidential sessions, I give each side the benefit of my experience and advice, and I am frank when I perceive that the participants are being shortsighted. I search for avenues of compromise that can promote a win/win resolution. Where appropriate, I am prepared to give each side my own evaluation and strategy for resolution.

The initial session of a mediation sometimes fails to reach resolution. In those situations, I remain available to be a sounding board and to resume discussions if circumstances ripen to a more opportune moment for resolution.

I am invested in the process. I have the confidence and track record to know that, if parties come to a mediation in good faith and with an open mind, I can facilitate a fair resolution.